1- Probabilistic Entailment on First Order Languages , preprint.
2- On probabilistic Models of $\Pi_1$ Theories, preprint.
3- Learning From Conditionals (with Ben Eva and Stephan Hartmann), under review, Mind.
4- Anchoring in Deliberation (with Stephan Hartmann), revisions submitted, Erkenntnis.
5- Maximum Entropy Models of $\Sigma_1$ Sentences, J. Applied Logic, to appear
6- A Logical Analysis of Quantum Voting Protocols (with Sonja Smets and Elaheh Shirinkalam), Int. J. of Theoretical Physics, 56(12): 3991–4003, 2017.
7- Categorical Equivalence Between Orthomodular Algebras and Orthomodular Lattices (with Joshua Sacks, Kohei Kishida and Shengyang Zhong), Int. J. of Theoretical Physics, 56(12): 4060–4072, 2017.
8- Equivocation Axiom for First Order Languages, Studia Logica, 105(1): 121-152, 2017.
9- Voting, Deliberation and Truth (with Stephan Hartmann), Synthese, (2016). DOI:10.1007/s11229-016-1268-9
10- A Note on the Least Informative Model of a Theory (with Jeff Paris), in Programs, Proofs, Processes, CiE 2010, Springer LNCS 6158: 342—351, 2010.
11-Inference Processes for Quantified Predicate Knowledge (with Jeff Paris), in Logic, Language, Information and Computation, WoLLIC, Edinburgh, Springer LNAI, 5110: 249—259, 2009.

Working Papers

A Qualitative Account of Stability of Belief (with Alexandru Baltag)
A Complete Axiomatisation of Logic of Lattice Effect Algebras, (with Amirhossein Sharafi and Sonja Smets)
Dynamic Doxastic Logic for Learning Probabilities (with Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets)
A Categorical Analysis of Probabilistic Models and Their Bisimulations (with Giovanni Cina)

PhD Thesess

Inference Process for First Order Probabilistic Languages - University of Manchester pdf
Four Essays in Mathematical Philosophy - Tilburg University pdf