1. Learning Indicative Conditionals (with Stephan Hartmann), under review pdf

    Anchoring in Deliberation (with Stephan Hartmann), under review pdf

    Maximum Entropy Models of $\Sigma_1$ Sentences, under review pdf

  2. Equivalence Between Quantum Dynamic Algebras and Hilbert Lattices
    (with Sacks, Kishida and Zhong), Int. J. of Theoretical Physics, to appear pdf

  3. Verification of Quantum Voting Protocols in Probabilistic Quantum Dynamic
    Logic (with Smets and Shirinkalam), Int. J. theoretical Physics, to appear pdf

    Equivocation Axiom for First Order Languages, Studia Logica, 105(21), 2017.
    DOI:10.1007/s11225-016-9684-x. pdf

  4. Voting, Deliberation and Truth (with Stephan Hartmann), Synthese, 2016,
    Online First: DOI: 10.1007/s11229-016-1268-9 pdf

    A Note On The Least Informative Model of A Theory (with Jeff Paris),
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    Inference Processes for Quantified Predicate Knowledge (with Jeff Paris),
    in Logic, Language, Information and Computation, WoLLIC, Edinburgh, Eds.
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    Working Papers

    • Logic of Statistical Learning (with Baltag, Smets and Galeatzi)
    • A Categorical Analysis of Probabilistic Models and Their Bisimulations (with Giovanni China)

    1. Inference Processes for First Order Probabilistic Languages pdf
      PhD Thesis (Mathematics), University of Manchester 2009

    2. Four Essays in Mathematical Philosophy pdf
      PhD Thesis (Philosophy), Tilburg University 2014