Mathematical Proof Methods for Logic(MSc), ILLC 2021
Emergence in Social Contexts (part of course on Emergence), Amsterdam 2021, 2022
Logic and Argumentation, Bayreuth University 2019
Philosophy of Probability(MSc), Bayreuth University 2019
Collective Decision Making, Bayreuth University 2019
Logic and Argumentation, Bayreuth University 2018 (with Olivier Roy)
Epistemic Logic, Bayreuth University 2018 (with Marcel Kiel)
Decision Theory and Collective Rationality, Bayreuth University 2018
Probabilistic Reasoning(MSc), ILLC 2016
Quantum Logic (MSc), ILLC 2016
Uncertain Reasoning(MSc), ILLC 2015
Introduction to Political Philosophy, Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich 2014
Rationality, Tilburg University, 2010, 2011
Philosophy of Science, Tilburg University, 2011
Experts in Complex Society, Tilburg University, 2010

Graduate Supervision

Fei Xue, PhD Thesis (co-supervising with Alexandru Baltag)
Topic: Quantum Logic and Quantum Information, ILLC, in progress.
Nikki Weststeijn, MSc Thesis (co-supervising with Johan van Benthem)
Topic: On Two Accounts of Information, ILLC, in progress.
Uddalok Sardar,, MSc Thesis (co-supervising with Sujata Gosh)
Topic: Quantum Inspired Machine Learning, Indian Statistical Institute, in progress.
Laura Bizhou van Pol, MSc Thesis (co-supervising with Sonja Smets)
Topic: Quantum Theory and Logic of Questions, ILLC, Defended July 2017.
Christian Tueschel, MSc Thesis (co-supervising with Sonja Smets),
Topic: Adoption of IPV6 on Internet Routing Network, ILLC, Defended October 2017.
Ko Hung Kuan, MSc Thesis (co-supervised with Sonja Smets)
Topic: Probabilistic Coherence Measures, ILLC, Defended August 2015.
Amirhossein Sharafi, (co-supervised with Sonja Smets)
Topic: Effect Algebras and Quantum Logic Visiting PhD Student, ILLC, Jan 2017- May 2017.
Elaheh Shirinkalam, (co-supervised with Sonja Smets)
Topic: Verification of Quantum Voting Protocols Visiting PhD Student, ILLC, Sep 2015- March 2016.
Andres Occhipinti Liberman, Master of Logic Individual Project
Topic: Principles of Uncertain Reasoning, ILLC, June-November 2016.
Melina Mendoza, Master of Logic individual Project,
Topic: Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics ILLC, March-August 2016.
Anna Franchini, Master of Logic Individual Project
Topic: Introduction to Category Theory ILLC, January- July 2016.

Undergraduate Supervision

Koen Leijnse, BSc Thesis (co-supervising with Dora Achourioti)
Topic: Conditional Statements in Quantum Logic, Amsterdam University College, May 2018.
Nicole Maresca di Serracapriola, BS Thesis (co-supervising with Dora Achourioti),
Topic: Reassessing the Empirical Status of Logic, Amsterdam University College, May 2018.

Thesis Committee

Illiana Gioulatou, MSc Thesis
Topic: Yablo Absoluteness, Fine Truthmaking Semantics and Hyperintentionality, ILLC 2016.
Benjamin Sparkes, MSc Thesis
Topic: Completeness Results for an Inquisitive Doxastic Logic, ILLC 2016.
Roosmarijn Goldbach, MScThesis
Topic: Modeling Democratic Deliberation, ILLC 2015.